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Studia Medioznawcze Media Studies 2 (7) 2002


An Introduction into Media Management

Tadeusz Kowalski

The article is a review of main publications about the problems of media management which were published in the end of 80-ties, 90-ties and at the beginning of new century. Initial presumption for this selective review is a thesis that certain traditional model of existence, survival and development of media firm is going to be expired in the context of rapid social changes and technological developments. Computer technologies and its most important component - digital language, created new environment for media firms, which is characterized by a meaningful dynamics of changes in technique, technology, ways of management, base of income, efficiency of performance and property relations. Four American and one European publication, listed in bibliography, are in details characterized in the context of possible topics for academic research and education program. Review is an occasion to comment different approaches in understanding media management and in educational models. Some teaching techniques are also analyzed, with particular attention to case studies.


media management, media firm, education