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Studia Medioznawcze Media Studies 3 (34) 2008


Media Convergence - Tendencies, Models and Consequences

Michał Drożdż

A dynamic growth of information technology and telecommunications, as well as the growth of the so called civilization of information generate new phenomena of universal kind. One such phenomenon is convergence. In the field of new technologies this notion defines a whole complex of multidimensional assimilation of media and communication tools which start performing similar functions and playing similar roles though originally they were not technically connected with each other. The above mentioned analyses try to show contemporary tendencies of media convergence and their models. What is more, they try to look critically at some cultural and anthropological consequences of this phenomenon and process. The analyses of tendencies, models and media convergence consequences study aspects of this phenomenon on the basis of both empirical knowledge of process technological changes in the media world, and theoretically philosophical conceptions of contemporary media space.


New media, media convergence, synergy, integration of media, anthropology of communication, McLuhan, Bolz, Serres