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Studia Medioznawcze Media Studies 3 (34) 2008


Machine (Lack of) Memory

Włodzimierz Gogołek

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The Internet/Web is a storage space for dynamically developing information technology and reflects what is going on in politics, business, education and entertainment. They are no longer passive but take active part in transmission of information between machines and people in a process of effective storage of information. Information technology includes the management of information, its broadcast, reception but also its storage in devices known as computer memory. Its durability is an integral part of the Web, much greater and more long lasting than human memory, but also like human, it is temporary. The results of research presented in this article prove that it is possible to measure this fleetingness. The human memory within one day loses the same amount of information as the Web does in a year. The fleeting of Web information resources, in view of their small size so far (gathered for a dozen years or so) will be a challenge in the future.


Internet, Web, human memory, Web memory, forgetting, loss of information, digital information resources, threats, Turing's Test