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Information for Authors

“Studia Medioznawcze [Media Studies]” is published 4 times per year; it aims to publish scientific papers, reviews, reports and communications. Contributions are published in the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish. Each article is being published with the abstract and list of keywords in Polish. All articles for publication shall be submitted electronically; submission of the article is equivalent to the contributor’s statement of having the manuscript reviewed (double bling review) and of publishing the work online (open access) in “Studia Medioznawcze [Media Studies]”. It is indexed in CEJSH, CEEOL and BazEkon databases.

Each article submitted for publication is being reviewed when taking into account its subject, scientific quality (language and logic included) as well as the arguments presented in the paper(s). Articles which do not meet style and manuscript guidelines (currently available in Polish only due to update) as well as language requirements will not be accepted. All documents (manuscript information included) shall be sent electronically to The filled-in statements shall either be scanned and sent via email, or printed, signed and sent by traditional mail to Wydział Dziennikarstwa, Informacji i Bibliologii Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, Redakcja “Studiów Medioznawczych”, Bednarska 2/4, 00-310 Warsaw, Poland.

Each author is obliged to follow all suggestions and comments by external referees and to correct the manuscript. The updated version of the article shall be send back to “Studia Medioznawcze [Media Studies]” by the deadline defined by the editors. The author(s) is (are) also asked to send a short note on contributor(s); this shall include position, institutional affiliation, research interests and e-mail address. In collaboration with the author(s) the editors might introduce changes in the manuscript (length of the paper included).

Upon the acceptance for publication, the author(s) are obliged to send two signed copies of „Licence agreement” (in future) to “Studia Medioznawcze [Media Studies]”. This document defines conditions for publication, it goes in line with Creative Commons licence 3.0 (CC-BY).

The submission of article in “Studia Medioznawcze [Media Studies]” is equivalent to the author’s statement that the paper is original and has not been published before (or submitted for publication in other journal(s)/book(s)). This statement also include the fact that the author(s) is entitled to copyright to the manuscript and this does interfere with copyrights of other parties.