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Issue Index » Studia Medioznawcze Media Studies 3 (8) 2002

Papers and Documents

JERZY OLĘDZKIPublic Relations – art of confidence inspiring
JACEK BARLIKThe latest trends in American Public Relations research (Literature review)
TOMASZ PŁONKOWSKIModels of Public Relations – a history evolution and future
WOJCIECH JABŁOŃSKIXXI Media relations – new challegne for PR professionals
ANDRZEJ ŚWIĄTECKICommunication and marketing – common theory – approach
MICHAŁ GAJLEWICZAdvertising and Public Relations
MARTA KIEŁDANOWICZInternational Public Relations. Case: the promotion of Poland abroad
VADIM MAKARENKOMedia houses: segment of growing importance
IWONA KUBICZHow to make oneself known on the Polish Public Relations market
PIOTR CZARNOWSKIPublic Relations market in Poland 1999–2002
WŁODZIMIERZ GŁODOWSKIGood manners before the camera and microphone

Reports and Information

WIESŁAW SONCZYKForeign capital in Polish media – a chance or a threat?
JOANNA STEBEL, OLAF KRYNICKIWas it a good idea to Study Public Realations?
MAŁGORZATA POLKOWSKAMedia Marketing and Public Relations Studies in Institute of Journalism, Warsaw University – review


ANDRZEJ ROMANOWKashubian periodical during the Prussian sector. The programmatic journalistic and publishing aspects
MARTA KIEŁDANOWICZPublic relations, in crisis situations of companies
HALINA TUMOLSKAJournalist, observer of the political scene, witness of history
SZYMON OSSOWSKIGender – film – media
JANUSZ OSICANot only censorship