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Issue Index » Studia Medioznawcze Media Studies 4 (9) 2002

Papers and Documents

Grzegorz DąbkowskiSpecial vocabulary in Journalist practice
Tadeusz KononiukProtection of Advertising Work in Copyright Law in Poland
Iwona MerklejnThe media system in post-war Japan (selected issues)
Bożena WyszyńskaThe Open Channel in Hamburg – an Outline of the History and Operatioon of the Citizens’ Channel
Inga OleksiukPersonal and Political Freedom on the Web. Legal Policies of the United States and Canada
Mariusz DrożdżPsycho-sociological Aspects of Television Viewing
Renata PiaseckaPolish Press’s Opinion about the Official Photographic Service in the Light of Materials of the Press Commission at the Central Committee of the Polish United Worker’s Party from 1959–1961

Reports and Information

Weronika Świerczyńska-GłowniaThe Third Conference of Public Broadcasters entitled ”Media towards terrorism”


Lidia PokrzyckaB. Rozwadowska Public relations – theory, practice perspectives, Warszawa 2002
Monika WorsowiczBetween the Media and the New – J. Borkowski, A, Woźny (ed.), New media – new in the media Wrocław 2002
Wiesław SonczykLocal Press in the Świętokrzyski Region: the Tradition, the Legacy, the Future Świętokrzyski Region Press Forum , Jan Jadach, Maciej A. Zarębski (ed.), Forum Prasy Świętokrzyskiej Kielce – Staszów 2002
Joanna SzydłowskaThe perspective of the Report – T. Pruśiński (ed.), And the oak grows. Warmia i Mazury in the reports after 1945, Warszawa – Dąbrówno 2002
Łukasz SzurmińskiPhilip M. Taylor (ed.) War and the media. Propaganda and persuasion in the a Gulf War, Manchester University Press 1998
Szymon OssowskiJohn B. Tompson (ed.) Media and Modernity. The social Theory of Media Wrocław 2001