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Issue Index » Studia Medioznawcze Media Studies 5 (15) 2003

Papers and Documents

TADEUSZ KOWALSKIIn search of a new regulating structure of media sector in Poland - European experience
JĘDRZEJ SKRZYPCZAKLimitations in concentration of media enterprises versus freedom of speech - experience of the European Union and Poland
BOGDAN FISCHERLegal aspects of information protection in electronics business - selected issues for journalists
WŁODZIMIERZ GOGOŁEKStatus and conditions of Internet as a communication medium in Poland, Europe and worldwide
IGNACY S. FIUT, MARCIN MATUZIKIssues of the EU in the following information services:,,, and Wirtualna
TERESA SASIŃSKA-KLASSMS generation in Poland in the light of comparative studies
TATIANA MAJCHERKIEWICZ, MARIA STOJKOWeEurope, ePoland and e-region, Maria Stojkow other words making use of electronic media in the era of the European Union enlargement
KAZIMIERZ WOLNY-ZMORZYŃSKIInternet - the chance for a report as journalese genre:
WERONIKA ŚWIERCZYŃSKA-GŁOWNIAProgramme cooperation of TVP S.A. with EU countries as well as with candidate countries. Comparative analysis
MAREK JACHIMOWSKITraditional electronic media in mass-media regions of Poland before entering the European Union
DOROTA PIONTEKTo European Union with a telenovel
DANUTA KĘPA-FIGURAThe European Union seen with the eyes of Radio Maryja (linguistic analysis)
KATARZYNA POKORNA-IGNATOWICZAnti-Union empire of Father Rydzyk. From Radio Maryja to "Trwam" Television

Reports and Information

JOANNA SZYDŁOWSKAA Report during Poland's twenty years of independence after World War I
ELŻBIETA KOSSEWSKAPolicy of the Polish State in the field of electronic media


MARCIN HALKIEWICZMonika Mucha, Obligation of public administration in the area of access to information
WIESŁAW SONCZYKImage of a child in media. A child in contemporary mass-media culture Ed. by Beata Łaciak