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Issue Index » Studia Medioznawcze Media Studies 4 (23) 2005


Papers and Documents

Wiesław SonczykMarket changes and evolution of publishing format of daily press in Poland between 1990-2004 (tentative characterisation and evaluation)
Jan ZałubskiWho needs press studies?
Marzena BrezaDesigning a television program offer by applying portfolio
Jacek SobczakPress of the Polish followers of Islam
Alicja JaskierniaFreedom of political debate in the media in the light of Council of Europe standards
Anna PrzybylskaWho needs local media and what for? The role of local media according local authorities, journalists and people
Radosłąw SajnaTelevision in Spain - General trends and market demands

Reports and Information

Lidia PokrzyckaThe information policy and media and local government management
Łukasz SzurmińskiPolish Radio, radio in Poland


Włodzimierz GłodowskiMarshall McLuhan Understanding Media. The Extensions of Man
Małgorzata MichalskaOlga Krajniak Press report on a criminal case