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Issue Index » Studia Medioznawcze Media Studies 2 (25) 2006


Papers and Documents

WERONIKA MADRYAS-KOWALSKAManipulation, Lie and Other Violations of Ethical Norms in the Field of Information Management
AGNIESZKA KAMPKAWhy am I Better - Self-Presentations During a Presidential Campaign
JUSTYNA WOŻNAPoland's Image in "Passauer Neue Presse"
AGNIESZKA ŁADASimilarities and Differences in the Way Prestigious Polish and German Journals Conduct Public Debate Over the Establishment of the Centre Against Expulsions
DOMINIKA RAFALSKA-KUŚ"Socialism with a Human Face". The Struggle Over Healing the System Based on the Analysis of the Articles Published in the "Po prostu" Weekly Between 1954 and 1957
WOJCIECH KOŁODZIEJCZYK, PAWEŁ STĘPKAInternet Radio. Chance and Challenge

Reports and Information

RAFAŁ CHWEDORUKPiłsudski in the Polish press between 1918 and 1939
LIDIA POKRZYCKA, KATARZYNA BERNATBERNAT Between responsibility and sensation. Journalism at the turn of the centuries in Poland - the press, radio, television, Internet, education


ANNA JUPOWICZ-GINALSKAMedia, advertisement and public relations in Poland - on honesty in communication