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Issue Index » Studia Medioznawcze Media Studies 2 (29) 2007

Papers and Documents

ALICJA JASKIERNIAEnglish version of the articleEvolution of the European Standards of Reporting of Major Events by the Electronic Media
MARIOLA IWANOWSKA-MAĆKOWIAKThe European Union has at its Disposal a Variety of Information Sources
PAWEŁ STĘPKAEnglish version of the articleFormal Independence of European Electronic Media Market Regulators
MARTA JUZAEnglish version of the articleInternet as the New Mass Medium: Opportunities, Threats, Perspectives
MAGDALENA SZPUNAREnglish version of the articleInternet Research vs. Research in the Internet, or How to Research the New Medium - Basic Methodological Issues
TOMASZ KOWALSKIEnglish version of the articleErotic and Pornographic Press in Poland
JANA KĘPSKAMetaphors in the Polish and Czech Printed Media in the Context of the EU Accession

Reports and Information

ŁUKASZ SZURMIŃSKIReport from the First conference of the Polish Social Communication Association


WIESŁAW SONCZYK"Media - Church - Youth. Catechist @ media". Edited by Rev. Norbert Pikuła
OLGA DĄBROWSKA-CENDROWSKABeata Trzop "Types of Popular Culture in Women's Magazines"
MAGDALENA ZDROWICKA-WAWRZYNIAKTomasz Goban-Klas "Incompliant Media Orchestra. Directors and Executives of Information Policy in post-1944 Poland"
ANETA SKIBIŃSKA"Internet" Edited by Lorenzo Cantoni, Stefano Tardini; Series: "Routledge Introductions to Media and Communications"