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Issue Index » Studia Medioznawcze Media Studies 1 (32) 2008

Papers and Documents

English version of the article"Old" and "New Media". Audiovisual Media Services Directive as an Attempt to Respond to Market and Technological Challenges
RAFAŁ RIEDELEnglish version of the articleInformation Campaign in Government Hands... or "Political State Marketing"?
MAGDALENA SZPUNAREnglish version of the articleHow to Increase the Percentage of Respondents in Internet Research - Facts and Myths about Online Surveys
MAGDALENA STECIĄGEnvironmental Journalism - Question of Language
MARCIN BARTNICKIEnglish version of the articleImage of Sects in Public Discourse Based on an Analysis of Press Articles Between 2000 and 2007
RENATA PIASECKA-STRZELECReview of Socialist Countries Press Agencies

Reports and Information

LIDIA POKRZYCKAInternational Academic Conference "Media - Culture - Education Across Nations and Cultures. Traditions - Experiences - Perspectives"


ANNA CHĘĆKA-GOTKOWICZContent for Poor in Spirit or Troubles with Journalist Ethics
MIKOŁAJ LEWICKIMateusz Halawa "Daily Life with a TV Set"