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Issue Index » Studia Medioznawcze Media Studies 2 (33) 2008

Papers and Documents

TOMASZ GOBAN-KLASEnglish version of the articleMedia and Social Communication Studies as a New Branch of Humanistic Studies
WIESŁAW SONCZYKEnglish version of the articlePolish Media System Transformation Dilemmas (on the example of magazines)
ADAM SZYNOLEnglish version of the articleFifteen Years of Passauer Neue Presse (Polskapresse) and Orkla Media on the Polish Regional Press Market
MAREK PALCZEWSKIEnglish version of the articleJournalistic Provocation. Definition - Legal and Ethics Aspects - Typology
PATRYK GAŁUSZKAEnglish version of the articleChoice of Music Repertorie in Traditional and Internet Radio Stations
DANUTA GRZELEWSKAPolish Radio's Influence on Regional Stations' Branches and Their Programme Offer Within the First Decade of Communist Poland
RENATA PIASECKA-STRZELECSocialist Countries' Press Agency Conference Issues in the 1970s.

Reports and Information

MONIKA WORSOWICZIII National Media-Academic Conference "Investigative Journalism. Trends - Threats - Perspectives" Lodz, January 10-11, 2008.
LIDIA POKRZYCKA"Sources of Media Power" A report from a conference held in Racibórz, on November 23, 2007171


MARTA JAS-KOZIARKIEWICZ"Multiculturalism in the Media Sphere", ed. by Magdalena Ratajczak, Wroclaw University Publishing