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Issue Index » Studia Medioznawcze Media Studies 3 (34) 2008

Papers and Documents

BARBARA MARIA MAZURKIEWICZLeonid Kuchma's Image In "Wprost" Weekly Between 1994-2004
RAFAŁ RIEDELEnglish version of the articlePress Review - Recycled Information Selection, Intermediation, Synergy and Increasing Auditorium Base
PATRYCJA DUDEKEnglish version of the articleNegative Political Advertising. Parliamentary Election 2007 Campaign TV Spots
DOROTA LEWANDOWSKAEnglish version of the articleStatistical Structure of Press Information Lexis (Based on the Example of News from the 1960s and Present Day)
MICHAŁ DROŻDŻMedia Convergence - Tendencies, Models and Consequences
MAGDALENA SZPUNARImage Culture and Internet Iconsphere
WŁODZIMIERZ GOGOŁEKEnglish version of the articleMachine (Lack of) Memory
URSZULA KRÓLThe Environment of "Nowy Dziennik" - Polish Daily News in New York

Reports and Information

PATRYCJA DUDEK1-st Polish-Czech-Slovak Forum on Political and Communication Sciences


WIESŁAW SONCZYKMedia Experts a Retrospective Look. Walery Pisarek On Media and Language
SABINA DOBRZYŃSKAOld and Modern Media, vol. II, ed. Bogumiła Kosmanowa
MAGDALENA PITALAM. Kolczyński, Strategies In Political Communication