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Issue Index » Studia Medioznawcze Media Studies 2 (37) 2009

Papers and Documents

EWA NOWAK, RAFAŁ RIEDELEnglish version of the articleThe political subculture of Radio Maryja - catholic media as political system object in Poland
WOJCIECH JABŁOŃSKIEnglish version of the articleA downfall of Polish left wing? An analysis of IFiS PAN panel research
JOLANTA DZIERŻYŃSKA-MIELCZAREKEnglish version of the articleCzęstochowa journalist circles between 1989-2007
MAREK PIASECKIEnglish version of the articleUS presidential TV debates in 2008. Content analysis
KATARZYNA GAJLEWICZEnglish version of the articleDaily press in France and related issues
MIKOŁAJ TYRCHANEnglish version of the article"Aneks" - post-March émigré quarterly
ELŻBIETA KOSSEWSKAThe Israeli "Kurier" - beginnings
MAGDALENA SZPUNARInternet in the process of secondary data collecting

Reports and Information

MICHALINA RUTKAReport from the 1st National Academic Conference "Media-Business-Culture. Pomerania 2008"
ŁUKASZ PRZYBYSZFinancial crisis - the debate on the role of public relations
WIESŁAW SONCZYKPolitical sciences and media studies conference, Polish year 1989


JANUSZ OSICAThe world via a screen. Barbara Walters Audition. A memoir
WIESŁAW SONCZYK"Zielony Sztandar" a popular monograph. Saturnin Sobol "Zielony Sztandar" 1931-2008