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Issue Index » Studia Medioznawcze Media Studies 3 (38) 2009

Papers and Documents

ARTUR TRUDZIKEnglish version of the articleThe first decade of Polish Independence Movement "Independence and Democracy" activity. Modern research perspective
MACIEJ MROZOWSKIEnglish version of the articleNews programmes - Polish and foreign (comparative analysis)
MAREK PALCZEWSKIEnglish version of the articleThe term news - its concept and definition in Anglo-Saxon tradition. A review and classification attempt
WIESŁAW SONCZYKEnglish version of the articleMedia system: scope - structure - definition
JUSTYNA WOŹNAThe coverage of EU enlargement in press published by Verlagsgruppe Passau
TOMASZ GACKOWSKI, MARCIN ŁĄCZYŃSKIFrequency lists from national dailies in 2008 - a research report
KONRAD KALINOWSKIEnglish version of the article"Homo Mizerus" - the homeless newspaper
JAN KREFTThe media and economy of attention
PIOTR SIUDAExperiment on the Internet - new social sciences research method analysis

Reports and Information

JOANNA SZYLKO-KWASModern media - independent media? Report from a conference at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Lublin, April 23.24, 2009


WIESŁAW SONCZYKContent analysis method and the media image research. Tomasz Gackowski, Marcin Łączyński "The media image research methods"
BEATA SKOREKMarcin Poletyło "War propaganda in liberal democracy. The Balkans - a case analysis"
KATARZYNA KOCHANIAKAndrzej Sznajder "Sport Marketing"