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Issue Index » Studia Medioznawcze Media Studies 4 (47) 2011

Media and Politics

ZBIGNIEW ONISZCZUKEnglish version of the articleMediatization of politics and politicization of the media. Two dimensions of the relationship
TOMASZ GACKOWSKIEnglish version of the articleDo politicians keep their word? Political promises and their realisation as a research object of political science and media studies

Journalists and Law

MARIA ŁOSZEWSKA-OŁOWSKAEnglish version of the articleThe right to the image in the doctrine and jurisprudence of Polish courts: analysis of selected problems
MICHAŁ ZAREMBAJournalistic investigation and journalistic liability for the violation of the pre-trial confidentiality

Media Abroad

MICHAŁ KACZMARCZYKThe press in Northern Ireland


PIOTR SIUDAFan pilgrimages. Real or symbolic travelling?

From History

MACIEJ BIAŁOUSEnglish version of the articleImage of Britain in “Wiadomości Polskie” and “Polska Walcząca” 1940–1945

Reports from Conferences

AGNIESZKA STĘPIŃSKAReport of the 61st Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, Boston, May 26–30, 2011
IWONA WIEŻELReport of the Conference of the 1st ACS Summer Institute on Critical Literacies, Ghent (Belgium), July 11–15, 2011


ALICJA JASKIERNIATerry Flew The »Global Media«, transl. by Marta Lorek
ALICJA JASKIERNIABogusława Dobek-Ostrowska »The Polish Media System at the Crossroads. Media in Politics, Politics in the Media«
WIESŁAW SONCZYK»Local Media in Szczecin. Report of the Research on Local Media in Szczecin in 2010«, eds. Jan Kania and Robert Cieślak
TOMASZ GACKOWSKIIna Martela, Dariusz Rott »The Press Spokesman. Interpersonal Competencies – Selected Problems and Threats«
JOLANTA KUBIKAgnieszka Wójcińska »Reporters without Fiction. Interviews with Polish Reporters«, photographs by Jan Brykczyński
DARIUSZ ROTTMałgorzata Lisowska-Magdziarz »A Back-Seat Passenger. Media, Advertising and Education in a Consumer Society«
MAŁGORZATA ADAMIK-SZYSIAKJakub Nowak »The Activity of Citizens Online. Theories and Practice«
KAMIL ŁUCZAJ»Post-Soap. The New Generation of Television Series and the Polish Audience«, eds. Mirosław Filiciak and Barbara Giza; »Series. Political Critique Guide«
PAULINA ORŁOWSKAKonrad Witold Tatarowski »Axiology and Politics in the Writings and Activities of Jan Nowak-Jeziorański«