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Issue Index » Studia Medioznawcze Media Studies 2 (49) 2012

Media Studies - a New Academic Discipline

Before the Conference at the Institute of Journalism, University of Warsaw
MAREK JABŁONOWSKI, TOMASZ GACKOWSKIThe identity of media studies. Fields, perspectives, postulates
MACIEJ MROZOWSKIThe identity of media studies. Contribution to the discussion

Press in Poland

JOLANTA DZIERŻYŃSKA-MIELCZAREKEnglish version of the articleThe Polish press market between 1990-2010

Press Law

JACEK WOJTAŚEnglish version of the articleThe use of press content by internet portals and companies monitoring media – selected legal aspects

Media Abroad

TOMASZ FRASZCZYKEnglish version of the articleGreeklish – on the influence of new communication technologies and new media on the development of contemporary Greek
ANNA OGONOWSKAEnglish version of the articleInternet in the European Union’s communication policy

Political Communication

EWA NOWAKEnglish version of the articlePriming within political communication studies

New Media

WOJCIECH WALCZAKA day without Smoleńsk? The analysis of changes in information policy after the presidential plane crash on April 10th 2010
RAFAŁ ILNICKIPublic relations as a function in the activity of the Internet users

Reports from Conferences

MILENA OSIURAKReport from the seminar “Personal – private – intimate in public space”, Katowice, November 17th 2011
PIOTR SIUDACool or not cool – what is American pop culture?
Review the conference „Is It ‘Cause It’s Cool? Affective Encounters with American Culture”, Salzburg, November 4-6th, 2011


PIOTR CELEJMichał Kaczmarczyk "The Mass Media in Poland. Between the Mission and the Market"
ANDRZEJ ŚWIĄTECKILiya P. Evseeva "Media in Poland at the beginning of the 21st century"
KAMILA KAMIŃSKAGrzegorz Kucharczyk "Spooks from Gazeta. 20 years of warnings for Poland"
JAN SADKIEWICZJacek Gzella "Between the Soviets and the Germans. Concepts of Polish foreign policy of the Vilnius conservatives grouped around the daily “Słowo” (1922-1939)
MARIA WOJTAKTerézia Rončáková "Journalistic genres. A manual for higher education students"
MAGDALENA BOCZKOWSKABogusława Bodzioch-Bryła "Towards a prohuman body... Polish poetry after 1989 in the light of new media and new reality"
MARTA DORENDA-ZABOROWICZPaul Hodkinson "Media, culture and society"
ILONA PAWŁOWSKADon Tapscott "Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing Your World", trans. by Piotr Cypryański
IWONA WIEŻELRégis Debray "Introduction to mediology", transl. Alina Kapciak
MONIKA WOJDOWSKA"Media of the Web 2.0 era", ed. by Bohdan Jung
KRZYSZTOF KASZEWSKIJerzy Jastrzębski "Ideology and communication. On education, pedagogy and media"
ŁUKASZ PRZYBYSZ"Public relations in the contemporary world. Between service to the organization and society", ed. by Jerzy Olędzki