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Issue Index » Studia Medioznawcze Media Studies 1 (52) 2013

Polish Journalists

BOGUSŁAWA DOBEK-OSTROWSKA, PAULINA BARCZYSZYN, ADAM MICHELEnglish version of the articleJournalism in change. Professionalism and Journalistic Culture in Poland
MICHAŁ GŁOWACKIEnglish version of the articlePolish Journalists in Light of Comparative Studies of Media Accountability Systems in Europe

In the newspapers

HONORATA JAKUBOWSKAEnglish version of the articleThe World of Sports in Daily Newspapers Based on the Results of “The International Sports Press Survey”
WOJCIECH FURMANObserver, Participant or Public Relations Specialist? “Super Nowości” against the Mayor of Rzeszów in Autumn 2010

Media politics of the European Union

ALICJA JASKIERNIAEuropean Quotas. The Implementation of the Provisions of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive Concerning the Promotion of European Television Works by European Union Member States
MARIUSZ GRABOWSKIEnglish version of the articleThe Issue of Passive Sponsorship in the Media


ZBIGNIEW CHMIELEWSKI, PAWEŁ KUCAEnglish version of the articleApproving ACTA in Poland in the Opinion of Students – Research Results


DARIA JANKOWIAKThe Pursuit of a Story – an Analysis of Readership Motivation in Amateur Fan Fiction Works

Reports from Conferences

DOMINIKA WIŚNIEWSKAThe Meeting of the Scientific Circle of Foreign Media Systems, Institute of Journalism, University of Warsaw, “Media Meetings – India”, Warsaw, 29 October 2012
URSZULA DOLIWAReport from the International Forum “Public Policies and Media Pluralism. The Future of Community Radio in Central and Eastern Europe”, Budapest, 13–14 November 2012
EWA MODRZEJEWSKAReport from the Conference “The Rhetoric of Dispute”, Warsaw, 19–20 November 2012
ALEKSANDRA KALISZSeminar “Transdisciplinarity of Research on Media Communication. The Identity of a Journalist”, Katowice, 22 November 2012
TOMASZ GACKOWSKI„New Media. New Problems and Research Methods” – Report and Thoughts from the III National Methodological Conference of Media Researchers”, Warsaw, 22–23 November 2012
EWELINA TYCReport from the I “Week with PR”, Katowice, 26–30 November 2012


WIESŁAW SONCZYKDaniel Wincenty „Breakdown on the Ideological Front. The Polish Journalists Association from Sierpień ’80 to Martial Law”
ALICJA JASKIERNIA„Comparing Media Systems Beyond the Western World” ed. by Daniel C. Hallin, Paolo Mancini
NATALIA RAKOWSKAJacek Wasilewski „Stories about Poland. The Rhetoric of Narration”
RAFAŁ WARDZYŃSKIKrzysztof Stępnik „The Balkan Wars of 1912–1913 in Polish Press. War and Political Correspondence”
DOMINIKA WIŚNIEWSKAAlexander Halavais „Search Engine Society”, transl. by Tomasz Płudowski