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Issue Index » Studia Medioznawcze Media Studies 1 (56) 2014

MAREK JABŁONOWSKIPełny tekst artykułuFrom the Editor: We Evolve

Identity of Media Studies

TERESA SASIŃSKA-KLASPełny tekst artykułuThe Specific Nature of Phenomena in Media Communication and Problems with their Empirical Research

Media Law

JACEK SOBCZAKPełny tekst artykułuEnglish version of the articleLegal Conditions of Media Functioning. Part I

Media Ethics

ANNA JUPOWICZ-GINALSKAPełny tekst artykułuOn the Depolarization of Journalistic and Marketing Communication Professions. Ethics and Media Practice

New Media

WOJCIECH WALCZAKPełny tekst artykułuEnglish version of the articleSharing Hypertext on Facebook. Determinants of Receiving Feedback

International Press

KAROL KACZOROWSKIPełny tekst artykułuEnglish version of the articleArab Spring in Turkish Daily English Press


JOLANTA DZIERŻYŃSKA-MIELCZAREKPełny tekst artykułuThe Television Market in Poland
SEBASTIAN D. KOTUŁAPełny tekst artykułuProgrammes about Books on Polish Television Channels. A Half-decade Review (1952–2002)

From History

PIOTR SWACHAPełny tekst artykułuThe Image of Countries from the Soviet Bloc and the Capitalist World in “Przegląd Sportowy” (1948–1953)
RAFAŁ WARDZYŃSKIPełny tekst artykułu“Eye to Eye with the Tamed”. Polish Socio-cultural Weeklies in the 100th Anniversary of the Spring of Nations
KAMILA CHURSKA-WOŁOSZCZAKPełny tekst artykułuPress of the Pomeranian Voivodeship during the People's Referendum Period and Elections to the Legislative Sejm

European Media Policy

ALICJA JASKIERNIA, MICHAŁ GŁOWACKIPełny tekst artykułuReview of European Media Policy. Threats for Media Pluralism and the Independence of Journalists and Issues of Sector Concentration in the European Debate in 2013

Reports from Conferences

KATARZYNA OSUCHOWSKAPełny tekst artykułuReport from the Symposium “Promoting Alternative Views in a Multipolar World: BRICS and their Evolving Role in Developing Media Markets”, Berlin, 10–11 October 2013
WIESŁAW SONCZYKPełny tekst artykułuReport from the Nationwide Conference “Traditional Press in a Network World – Current State and Perspectives of Development”, Warsaw, 4–5 November 2013
KATARZYNA KOPECKA-PIECH, AGATA LUDZIS-TODOROVPełny tekst artykułuReport from the Nationwide Seminar of Young Media and Communication Studies Scholars “Communication and Media”, Wrocław, 15 November 2013


ANNA JUPOWICZ-GINALSKAPełny tekst artykułuMichał Makowski
Non-verbal Communication in Television Advertising. Application and Reaction
KATARZYNA GAJLEWICZ-KORABPełny tekst artykułuMarcin Sanakiewicz
The Poetics of Television Morning Shows between Information, Tabloids and Programme Promotion
WIESŁAW SONCZYKPełny tekst artykułuPaulina Olechowska
Polish Accession to European Union in Regional Daily Newspaper’s the West Land of Poland