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Issue Index » Studia Medioznawcze Media Studies 1 (64) 2016

Identity of Media Studies

ANDRZEJ ADAMSKI, GRZEGORZ ŁĘCICKIPełny tekst artykułuEnglish version of the articleTheology and media studies: interdisciplinarity as a platform for joint scientific reflection on the media

Media Ethics

JERZY OLĘDZKIPełny tekst artykułuEnglish version of the articleThe image of public relations in Polish society

Media Law

WOJCIECH LISPełny tekst artykułuEnglish version of the articlePurpose and nature of the press criticism – selected aspects

New Media

ANITA CEGLIŃSKA, KATARZYNA KOPEĆ-ZIEMCZYKPełny tekst artykułuThe influence of political campaign in social media for electoral behaviour of Polish youth

The Press

OLHA TKACHENKOEnglish version of the articleThe perception of Ukrainian identity during Euromaidan in Polish opinion-making press


KRZYSZTOF KASZEWSKIPełny tekst artykułuSelf-promotion in news services of local radio station

Music Market

PATRYK GAŁUSZKAPełny tekst artykułuEnglish version of the articleCrowdfunding and barriers to entry into the music market

European Media Policy

ALICJA JASKIERNIA, MICHAŁ GŁOWACKIPełny tekst artykułuMedia freedom and pluralism in the digital era: The Council of Europe and the European Union in 2015

Reports from Conferences

PAULINA BARCZYSZYNPełny tekst artykułuReport from the conference “Qualitative and quantitative research in the study of political communication”, Wroclaw, October 23, 2015
ALICJA JASKIERNIAPełny tekst artykułuReport from international conference “Implementation of the Media Pluralism Monitor (MPM2015): conclusions and recommendations”, Florence, November 5–6, 2015
MATEUSZ PATERAPełny tekst artykułuReport from the conference „Gamification of media: on changes in communications”, Warsaw, November 19–20, 2015
ADAM MICHELPełny tekst artykułuReport from international workshop “ROPE – Workshop on the changing patterns in journalistic roles and performances in Central and Eastern Europe”, Budapest, February 5–6, 2016

Book Reviews

KRZYSZTOF KASZEWSKIPełny tekst artykułuMaria Wojtak
Rozłożone gazety. Studies in the press discourse, language and style
WIESŁAW SONCZYKPełny tekst artykułuPaulina Olechowska
School press – theory, functions, themes. The case study of West Pomeranian voivodeship
TADEUSZ KONONIUKPełny tekst artykułuKazimierz Wolny-Zmorzyński
Masters of photojournalism. Assessment and evaluation
KATARZYNA TOŁOCZKO-BISKUPSKAPełny tekst artykułuJacek Kall
Branding on the smartphone. Mobile communications brand
JACEK BARLIKPełny tekst artykułuThe Routledge handbook of critical public relations
eds. Jacquie L’Etang, David McKie, Nancy Snow, Jordi Xifra